April 2024 News

Thanks for the attendance at the last meeting. Just a couple reminders

May 20th is target delivery day. 1st stop is at Richmond then to ATSA. We’ll have a time frame a few days before delivery. 

Tuesday night trap is catching on, thanks to the folks who arrive early to help set up. Targets should look more legit after I did some leveling with the trap. Will see you tonight! 

May 5th is our Modern Skeet Shoot. 50 target event for $25 entry. $5 from each entry goes to purse for 2/3 winner and 1/3 runner up.We will start shooting at 9am this day. Will have a sign up sheet or email us and we will build squads.

Last reminder is on me as Sunday morning the 5 stand remote was missing. Well I found it in my vehicle so it wasn’t far, but I had brought it home with me on Saturday.  Just a reminder when closing up.

Remotes back in club house☆
Power is off☆
Doors are locked☆
Locks are spun from entry combo when entering☆

Thanks and happy shooting, Pentti