2024 Upcoming Spring /Summer Calendar Notes

I want to thank everyone for a great rainy day and well attended March Monthly meeting.  Please put this date in your calendar, Monday May 20th for our Target delivery day. It’s been since 2022 of our last delivery and with many hands all went smooth.  We’ll get back to you regarding exact delivery time.

I planned a clean up day too soon. April 6th is CANCELLED as a lot of us have signed up for shooting this day in Scarborough.

Starting this coming April 2nd, we’ll have Tuesday nights with Trap shooting at 6pm for the working folks Dick P. and Dave D.(retired folks) will help with setting up.  I think after some practice we need to get this into a league night or something to keep score. 

Also starting April 1st and 3rd Sundays will be Pyramid 5 stand with Molly and Steve.  Keeping us sharp for the sporting circuit.

Moose Maine Kids is an organization we will be working with later this summer (Saturday July 20th), they help get kids involved in the outdoors.  https://moosemainekids.com/

Thanks Pentti