July 2022 News

A number of members have pitched in to do some maintenance, making the club look great. Note that our lawn mower is being repaired for some minor issues but with our dry weather, it should be back in service with little impact.

The storage trailer behind the trap field needs a new door. A replacement door is being explored and a budget of $1500 has been approved.

A short safety fence between fields 1 & 2 is still being priced out.

Field 3 high house stairs will be replaced in the next several weeks by the Boy Scout’s Eagle Service Project.

ATSA is holding two shooting events during August. The first is the “Skeet, Trap and Golf” shoot on Saturday August 20th. The second is the Club Championships (25 Skeet, 25 Trap and 25 Five Stand targets) will be held after our monthly meeting on Sunday August 21st.

“King of the Pyramid” 5 Stand Shoot

Now for the Pyramid shoot, I want to thank folks for the help and effort that was put together and from the feedback I’ve received it was enjoyed by all. I have learned some do’s and don’ts from organizing my 1st shoot from scratch and will proceed with my new knowledge , thanking all for being patient on one of our hotter summer days, ffeeewww!

With 20 entries and shoot offs I want to congratulate Jim Clemens as the 2022 King of the Pyramid, nudging out Steve Rich who both shot 44s.

Both Jim Clemens and Steve King donated their winnings back to the Eagle Scouts Stairs Project. They are true sportsmen.

With that being said, I thank everyone again for all and remember August will have 2 more shoots: Skeet/golf challenge and the Club Championship where volunteers will be needed for pulling and scoring.

Thanks and happy shooting Pentti
Shooter1st Round2nd RoundTotal
Jim Clemens222244Champ$133.00
Steve Rich212344Runner-up$67.00
Jim Arsenault232043
Pentti Penttila232043
Neil Smith212243
Marty Taylor222042
Dave Bernier212041
Jim McMullen192241
Pam Rich182341
Tom Ferdson221941
Seth Fouts192140
Gary Hensley192140
Jim Daniels211839
Robert Linton191837
Fran Tiene162137
David Hewitt221436
Gene Sirois171835
Doug Waterman151934
Ben Penttila141933
Linda McMullen151732

2022 Russ Longley Skeet Shoot Results

2022 Russ Longley Shoot  –  June 5, 2022
Shooter1st Rd2nd Rdtotal broke
Dave Larkin252550Champ
Doug Waterman252348Runner-up
Carleton Seigars242044
Dave Bernier232144
Jim McMullen232043
Jamie McMullen201636
Dick Greenan171734
Mike Palumbo171633
Pentti Penttila151732

2022 Modern Skeet Championship Results

ATSA Modern Skeet Championships – 2022
Shooter1st Round2nd RoundTotal
Seth Fouts222143Champ$50.00
Dave Bernier202242Runner-up$25.00
Doug Waterman222042
Pentti Penttila202242
Jim Arsenault212041
Jim McMullen192140
Mark Daigle211738
Fran Tiene201838
Gene Sirois172138
Dick Greenan171633
Doug West161733
Ben Penttila131730
Ron Peck121729
Ami Cinq-Mars111425
Cody Morin111425
Entry Fees $300.00
Prize Money$75.00
Target Cost$75.00
Profit is going into the Capital Improvement Fund

Sunday 5 Stand Shooting

ATSA will have our 5 Stand Tower sporting clays shooting available every 1st and 3rd Sunday being April 3, 2022. Shooting begins at 10:00 AM until about 12:30 PM. This program will last through the fall.