What’s happening in June

Arnold Trail Sportsman’s Association


Greetings Members,

            Just wanted to keep all informed about what is going on at your gun club.

At our weekly Sunday shooting the Pyramid on field 1 is now open.  Dennis Klipp, Steve and Molly Duren have agreed to run it.  Last Sunday, they opened it and about a dozen shooters wandered away from the skeet field to give it a try.  The targets are moderately close so it can be shot with skeet or IC chokes or even some of the smaller gauges.  We hope everyone will give it a try or at least go over and see what it is all about.  Thank you Dennis, Steve and Molly!

            Last week we received our annual shipment of targets and reloading supplies.  I didn’t know when the truck was coming so I couldn’t round up a crew to put targets in the houses.  We put them all in the new garage.  Dale has offered to come down again to move the pallets to the houses where we want them………so we need a work session to load the houses.  For you club reloaders, we have a good supply of shot (7 ½ , 8 & 9) wads, powder and primers at better prices than you will find anywhere’s.  

            We originally tentatively had scheduled a combination Tower & FITASC shoot for June 22nd , that has been cancelled.  However, on July 13th we will be hosting the Maine State FITASC Championship.  What is FITASC, you ask, it stands for “Federation Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse”!!!!  Yes it is a French form of Sporting Clays.  This is the one game that more truly simulates hunting.  The rules state “FITASC is a shooting discipline reproducing hunting situations and practiced with hunting weapons and artificial targets”.  It has a gun mount rule – one must keep the butt of the shotgun 10 inches below the top of the shoulder and you can’t move until you see the target after you call pull.  Dave Bernier and I have shot it several times out of state and it truly is fun and challenging.  No other club in Maine is doing it so I thought we can do it and bring in a lot of money for the effort.  We held a registered trap shoot (got 29 one hundred target entries) on May 11th and made about $475 above expenses for the club.  This one day FITASC shoot (with 48 entries) should show a profit of 1500 to 2000 dollars after expenses.  Why do we need more money?  As those of you who shot last winter know snow removal on the fields is a monumental task and the people who do it aren’t getting any younger.  We have one walk-behind snow blower which does a good job but it is slow and a handful to operate.  We need a tractor mounted blower.  A new or used tractor that can be used for mowing in the summer and blowing snow in the winter is expensive, but if we are going to remain open from the end of November till the end of March we need to make an investment in such equipment.

            Having said all that – we need volunteer club members to put on the FITASC shoot on Saturday, July 13th.  We need 6 or 7 members willing to learn how to referee the shoot.  We need 2-4 members willing to keep the traps full.  Dennis Klipp has agreed to take preregistrations but he will need some help signing shooters up and collecting money the day of the shoot.  Bill has agreed to put on the lunch for the shooters but he can use some help before and after the meal.  Buzz Mendoza, Richie Frisella and I will be setting the targets on Thursday and Friday before the shoot.  Richie (the guru of FITASC courses) came up from RI last week to look over the grounds to be sure we have enough room to do this and assured us we do and he helped layout the 4 parcourses.  We’ll need to bush hog paths to the 4 different parcourses and the holding area which will all be out in the shot containment area beyond the skeet fields.  The day of the shoot, we’ll need someone to control parking in our limited parking areas.  I have made arrangements with Jerry Cloutier from Connecticut to bring up more traps and equipment we don’t have.  This is just a one day event, BUT IT WILL BE BILLED AS A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP and we need to do it up right!  As shoot chairmen I’m taking on the responsibility to pull this all together so if you are available and would like to help in some way, I need to hear from you.