ATSA Opens with Restrictions



Good morning,

Last Friday, the Governor said she would have a plan to reopen Maine in a couple of days.  Many people showed up Monday at the Blaine House demonstrating the need to get the economy going again and no comment from the Governor.  The Maine Republican Party sent the Governor a lengthy letter stating the need to be involved in the decision-making process (not just the Democrats) regarding the virus and again no timely response. 

The virus is not to be taken lightly, those in the population that are more at risk should stay at home to reduce the chance of infection, but it should be an individual decision not an edict by the Governor acting like a Queen and we’re all her subjects. 

Having said this, after consulting with the officers and directors of Arnold Trail we’re reopening the range as of 4/23 with the following restriction: there will be no organized shooting activities, members will be required to practice social distancing at all times, the club house will be open for bathroom use only and the coffee pot will be on but no group congregating.  Use of masks will be recommended but optional.  Squad limitation will be kept to 5 shooters.  If you are certified to open the skeet or trap field and you and a few other members want to shoot, go for it.  This can be done any day but Monday, remember shooting hours are from 10 a.m. to half hour before sunset.  This also applies to sporting clays or 5 stand – let me know and I will work with you to get it opened up.